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Friday, May 17, 2013

Where the hell are those feed-inforcements?

Type: Technical Issue
System: FeedBurner


Earlier today, HQ has encountered a minor URL feed misdirection. The sudden switch leads to pinging errors. Our pissed off technician reports that the error exist due to the recent address change by the commander (Me) and not by machine malfunction. Data room engineers also reported no major flaws in its monitoring system.

This is the report from the tech room.

Report No.: 00182

Attn: Commander Jonidipp

Due to your incompetency in directing your battle feed and informing your technicians about the change, there has been error with our allied proxies ping services. Three countermeasures has been taken and are done as follows:

1.  Burned a new Feedburner feed using the new battle log feed as source ( jonidipp.blogspot.com )

2. Updated the source of the old Feedburner feed ( old log feed ) feeds.feedburner.com/tsr_uniti to (new log feed) feeds.feedburner.com/JoniDippBattleLog

3. Go back to the old feedburner feed and opt for “Delete Feed”

System warning
You are about to permanently delete the feed (old feed ), if you complete this action, your feed and ALL associated statistical history and service benefits will be deleted. You have the option for this feed address to permanently redirect to the currently configured source feed.
4. Ticked the box next to “With permanent redirection” before executing “Delete Feed” button.

The old address / feed is permanently redirected to the new address/feed

Additional information
Please tell the commander not to tinker around with feed settings next time without informing the technician.

All color coded titles are for future references.

End of report

...well I did not know that changing my battle log transmission address could lead to such hassle! I promise I wont do the same mistake again.

jonidipp out.

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