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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Tank Company Frenzy Event #7 - Day 1 Massacre


As the title says, it is a total disaster! ...for me that is. The event was suppose to start at GMT/UTC +8 from 5.30 pm till 8.30 pm but I woke up at 6.30 pm and only managed to get online at 7.00 pm which only leave me with only 1.... ONE hour to join the event, but when I managed to get in I was so dumbfounded that I did not know where or what to do! My story goes like this:

When I stumble upon the link mentioning about the TC event two days back, I registered at the forum. The purpose of the registration is for the Malaysia & Singapore Junior Company Battles, due to the lack of reading capabilities and battle experience, I thought it was just another register-and-go-to-battle type of event *facepalm* and to my surprise a representative from company ( Malaysian GM ) will also be joining the fight ...which I slowly noticed later *double facepalm*.

So yesterday (Thursday) my brain caught up and I was pumped to join the action! Since it is a Junior level the tank limit is tier 4 so is a bit of a problem because I do not keep tanks lower thank tier 5. *insert frown here* so with just less thank 24 hours I need to come up with a line of tank selection to bring into the battle. And that's not all, I need to prepare crews, ammunition, modules... man, what a mess! My brain pushed me to just retrain my higher tier tank crews and re-enroll them on the low tier tanks but I do not have enough credits to do that, I just bought my ST-I damn it! *flip table*

Juggling between the real and fantasy world took its toll on me and after Solat Jumaat I thought it is okay to have a little nap to gain some energy... riiiigghht... have a liiitle naap... that would solve the problem would it not? Well at least it did in my dream land but you just gotta swallow the facts when you woke up to the number 6,3 and 0... so,yeah. In the end I missed the fun of it and got stressed out. 

I have never felt so shitty but I try to be positive about it and told myself to...
  1. Make sure you understand the terms and conditions, never be lazy to read.
  2. Properly understand the type of event currently being held, do not mix and decide unofficial and official battles by yourself. You might just get the wrong idea.
  3. Keep on asking people around you that have more experience until you really understand about what is going on because sometimes your brain is too cocky.
  4. Keep a balanced meal and lifestyle because you will need all the concentration when you commandeer a tank.
  5. Never neglect your lower tier tanks, you never know when you will need them the most.
  6. Keep a steady amount of credits or gold in game for emergency usage.
  7. Learn to fully utilize the alarm clock embedded in your phone if you cant keep up with time. It is there for a reason.
Too bad for today but hey, look on the bright side, i get to write a battle log for today! Plus its a 2 day event so lets try again tomorrow!

jonidipp out.

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