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Monday, May 20, 2013

[MY] iCafe Tournament Winners Penang : Flip-flop Hipters Pawn!


The winners for the contested territory of [MY] iCafe Tounament's @ Penang last Saturday ( May 18th 2013 ) has been detected. Our spies disguise was so successful this time, they even managed to obtain their pictures, it seems they have honed their camouflage but still lack radio operating skills. No matter, the important thing is that we  got on-hand proof that in the northern region, your winning rate will drastically increase if you wear flip-flops to battle! Even the notorious "3 kill every battle" johnwalker and Major "Harasser" Shazrul was pushed back to 2nd place although his capture point reset skill was unmatched .We need to make sure this crucial information is not just a diversion. These are the teams who won the competition:

Flip-flop hispters, Team MVP2 Champion of iCafe Tournament Penang
Team "MVP2"
From top left: B-} , |:) , :-P , ^_^ , :-/ , B-D , /:-b

Team "MY Fighter" Champion of iCafe Tournament Penang
1st Runner up:
Team "MY Fighter"
From top left: homegrave,arelip,majorshazrul,johnwalker,mimieko,
give_me_a_name*, shahfar,kaplak

Team WOT PG Champion of iCafe Tournament Penang
2nd Runner up:
Team "WOT PG"
From top left: skynet7,slurpz,beeldoom,privateer,rap artist khaicp,

Congratulations to the winners, bravo! bravo! Let's move our attention to the next [MY] iCafe Tournament @ Pandan Indah THIS SATURDAY! Stay tuned.

Special Announcement
To the fallen commanders during the tournament, please respawn and try again next time :)

jonidipp out.

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