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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Malaysia Region iCafe Conquest


WarGaming SEA HQ has announced battle invitations for commanders from Malaysia code-named "[MY] iCafe Tournaments". This mission is  broadcasted exclusively for Malaysian tank regiments who wants to test their mettle and metal prowess. According to reports from our intel, "GAX Magazine" is deeply involved in this operation although we only managed to confirm the involvement of a large sum of money to the winning regiment. 

world of tanks tournament
...detailed sketch by our intel

Further intel received yesterday stating that regiments are required to assemble a platoon of 7 and they can only represent 1 contested territory out of known 2. We believe that there are more than 2 contested territory but we did not have enough information on this, if only we had more spies, damn it!

These are the rest of the information our spies managed to gather, use it wisely :

encrypted message.

deciphered message

Apparently our spies lack training, should you have a better espionage armament you can breach them at this location [HERE] and [HERE] at your own risk. We can win this if we work together, share your information with other comrades by replying to this transmission in the comment section.

Jonidipp out.


Teena Tna said...

Actually, what is this?mybe i'm not is this field so I can't understand..
Btw, nice to see your blog, i'm just started in blogging, please visit mine too. :)


shukri fadzillah said...

Thank you Teena for visiting and commenting. This post is actually just an announcement from World of Tanks South East Asia webpage about recent competition. I just try to make it a little bit interesting with my own words :D

Sure ill visit yours.

Anonymous said...

ok klu ade info terkini minta bg tau batalion aku dah stanby nak berperang... masing masing dah sangap nak membunuh...

shukri fadzillah said...

Roger that.