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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Clan Log : Apply as an MVP now!

...As of the disbandment, MVP is currently recruiting players who are interested...

Greetings comrades, good news!

This just in! MVP clan page is now successfully available in the main website. They are getting ready for clan wars and currently looking for experienced players to join their cause. If you have at least tier 10 of heavy, medium, light or SPG regardless which nation you already mastered or currently mastering, this is a good opportunity for you! You can start sending your application at the MVP clan page [ HERE ].

As of 16th of May, there are a total of 18 commanders already registered under MVP which mostly are veterans from WOTM community so you can expect awesome all-star appearances. Who knows, maybe you will get the chance fight alongside the enigmatic MrDead or maybe you'll be lucky to train under the legendary tanaka6149 and start punching your enemy tanks like they are made of jelly!* ...seriously.

If you are confused what this follow up article is all about, feel free to track back via this [ LINK ]

jonidipp out.

*cheap propaganda haha

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