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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

6 Are Wanted To Complete The Circle!


The brawling pit needs 6 more herd of sacrificial lambs to start the summoning of The Great Beast! The 'Council' demands citizens to send more 'volunteers' or no gold will be distributed to the villages. The submission must be done before the 25th alignment of the 5th moon. If this announcement is ignored, a dreadful curse will befall upon those non-believers. They will be plagued with resentfulness, goody-bag-less frustration and premium famine.Do not be afraid! Submit to the brawling pit and the promise of golds
will be yours!

Hark the words of the Mighty Liquid Snake!

Attention Malaysian Tankers!!

iCafe Tournament Pandan Indah, Kuala Lumpur this Saturday (25th May 2013) have only 6 team slots left! Register your teams quick now or you can also register as solo. You have to pm me with such details:

Single Player Registration


Team Registration
Team Name:
Leader Nickname:

Please refer this link for more info [ LINK ]

Liquid Snake.

Roll your wheel barrows now!

jonidipp out.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tank News : SEA Is Under APAC! I Repeat! SEA Is Under APAC!


I would like to inform you that the World of Tanks™ South East Asia (SEA) will no longer exist for its presence will be known as World of Tanks™ Asia Pasific (APAC) in the future starting 1st of June 2013, which is a year after WoT SEA was officially launched. In the early stage the game was previously brought in to Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Singapore was chosen as the hub connecting these countries. I still remembered when SEA server got a sudden boost of player logging in, it lagged everybody out. 

The forum was flooded with complaints by the newbies as well as cheers and supports from considerate players from around the region. Thanks to the dedication by Wargaming, the incident were taken care off pretty swiftly, and afterwards we were blasting each other again.

Closed beta players received a KV 220-T during open beta as a present. It is basically a premium tank consist of a KV-1 turret with a KV-3 hull and was a tough bastard for a tier 5 and was much liked by owners, minus its gun accuracy and speed of course. 

KV 220 Rendering. Click here for more info for this tank 

Today, WoT SEA has managed to expand its reach to include Australia, New Zealand, and recently Taiwan and Japan. Wargaming is also planning to penetrate into Hong Kong and Indonesian market to further reinforce its position in the region.The objective of this transition is to provide localized region support as well as better gaming experience. 

Original text can be found here : [ LINK ]

Personally as I think that this announcement proves that Wargaming is serious in providing  better services for its supported game series in this region and not just making SEA just another proxy. I have played many online games and not many are willing to even listen to the player's rants and ravings. I wish all the best for Wargaming in the future and will continue to show my support as a player and a fan. 

jonidipp out.

Monday, May 20, 2013

[MY] iCafe Tournament Winners Penang : Flip-flop Hipters Pawn!


The winners for the contested territory of [MY] iCafe Tounament's @ Penang last Saturday ( May 18th 2013 ) has been detected. Our spies disguise was so successful this time, they even managed to obtain their pictures, it seems they have honed their camouflage but still lack radio operating skills. No matter, the important thing is that we  got on-hand proof that in the northern region, your winning rate will drastically increase if you wear flip-flops to battle! Even the notorious "3 kill every battle" johnwalker and Major "Harasser" Shazrul was pushed back to 2nd place although his capture point reset skill was unmatched .We need to make sure this crucial information is not just a diversion. These are the teams who won the competition:

Flip-flop hispters, Team MVP2 Champion of iCafe Tournament Penang
Team "MVP2"
From top left: B-} , |:) , :-P , ^_^ , :-/ , B-D , /:-b

Team "MY Fighter" Champion of iCafe Tournament Penang
1st Runner up:
Team "MY Fighter"
From top left: homegrave,arelip,majorshazrul,johnwalker,mimieko,
give_me_a_name*, shahfar,kaplak

Team WOT PG Champion of iCafe Tournament Penang
2nd Runner up:
Team "WOT PG"
From top left: skynet7,slurpz,beeldoom,privateer,rap artist khaicp,

Congratulations to the winners, bravo! bravo! Let's move our attention to the next [MY] iCafe Tournament @ Pandan Indah THIS SATURDAY! Stay tuned.

Special Announcement
To the fallen commanders during the tournament, please respawn and try again next time :)

jonidipp out.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Tank History : The Hidden "Thomas" Tank Engine


"Thomas" is a steam prototype engine in the "Eisenbahn" series,it can be found in the books of Reverend Wilbert Awdry and his second man, Christopher. It became the most popular tank among its peers. Originated in the E2 Class designed by Lawson Billinton in 1913. "Thomas" first appeared around 1940s during the World War II and was focused of the four short campaign contained within the second production.

Rumored picture 

When Awdry created "Thomas", it only existed only as a wooden toy, inspired by Christopher. The engine looked rather different from the actual production line, it is developed and worked on to be known as the codename "NWR".

"Thomas" rumored to have his genesis to look like M22-Locust model. In the later years, the LBSC E2 model by Hornby was adapted as a layout by Awdry named "The Ffarquhar Branch"."Thomas" was the only model included in the "Independant" on Sunday's "Happy List", recognised alongside 98 real-life adults and a therapy dog for making Britain a better and happier place.

Confused? Click the buttons below :

 smile, jonidipp out ;)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Thermaltake Technology Ace Tanker Badges Event

The prize : Custom World of Tanks casings
Greetings comrades,Great News!

Thermaltake Technology Inc., provider of high-end gaming gear is giving away a custom World of Tanks desktop computer casing to 3 lucky winners! All you have to do is like their facebook page and fill the form when prompted. You must also include a screenshot of you end-game stat showing one of the following badges :

Top Gun BadgeInvader Badge Sniper Badge Defender Badge

Steel Wall BadgeScout Badge

This awesome event only last for only 15 days (15th May 2013 till 31st May 2013) so hurry up and send in your best achievement screenshot! Competition page can be found by clicking this link provided here :  EVENT PAGE

Winners will be picked on the 1st of June 2013 so Let's Roll Out!

jonidipp out.

Tank Company Frenzy Event #7 - Day 1 Massacre


As the title says, it is a total disaster! ...for me that is. The event was suppose to start at GMT/UTC +8 from 5.30 pm till 8.30 pm but I woke up at 6.30 pm and only managed to get online at 7.00 pm which only leave me with only 1.... ONE hour to join the event, but when I managed to get in I was so dumbfounded that I did not know where or what to do! My story goes like this:

When I stumble upon the link mentioning about the TC event two days back, I registered at the forum. The purpose of the registration is for the Malaysia & Singapore Junior Company Battles, due to the lack of reading capabilities and battle experience, I thought it was just another register-and-go-to-battle type of event *facepalm* and to my surprise a representative from company ( Malaysian GM ) will also be joining the fight ...which I slowly noticed later *double facepalm*.

So yesterday (Thursday) my brain caught up and I was pumped to join the action! Since it is a Junior level the tank limit is tier 4 so is a bit of a problem because I do not keep tanks lower thank tier 5. *insert frown here* so with just less thank 24 hours I need to come up with a line of tank selection to bring into the battle. And that's not all, I need to prepare crews, ammunition, modules... man, what a mess! My brain pushed me to just retrain my higher tier tank crews and re-enroll them on the low tier tanks but I do not have enough credits to do that, I just bought my ST-I damn it! *flip table*

Juggling between the real and fantasy world took its toll on me and after Solat Jumaat I thought it is okay to have a little nap to gain some energy... riiiigghht... have a liiitle naap... that would solve the problem would it not? Well at least it did in my dream land but you just gotta swallow the facts when you woke up to the number 6,3 and 0... so,yeah. In the end I missed the fun of it and got stressed out. 

I have never felt so shitty but I try to be positive about it and told myself to...
  1. Make sure you understand the terms and conditions, never be lazy to read.
  2. Properly understand the type of event currently being held, do not mix and decide unofficial and official battles by yourself. You might just get the wrong idea.
  3. Keep on asking people around you that have more experience until you really understand about what is going on because sometimes your brain is too cocky.
  4. Keep a balanced meal and lifestyle because you will need all the concentration when you commandeer a tank.
  5. Never neglect your lower tier tanks, you never know when you will need them the most.
  6. Keep a steady amount of credits or gold in game for emergency usage.
  7. Learn to fully utilize the alarm clock embedded in your phone if you cant keep up with time. It is there for a reason.
Too bad for today but hey, look on the bright side, i get to write a battle log for today! Plus its a 2 day event so lets try again tomorrow!

jonidipp out.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Where the hell are those feed-inforcements?

Type: Technical Issue
System: FeedBurner


Earlier today, HQ has encountered a minor URL feed misdirection. The sudden switch leads to pinging errors. Our pissed off technician reports that the error exist due to the recent address change by the commander (Me) and not by machine malfunction. Data room engineers also reported no major flaws in its monitoring system.

This is the report from the tech room.

Report No.: 00182

Attn: Commander Jonidipp

Due to your incompetency in directing your battle feed and informing your technicians about the change, there has been error with our allied proxies ping services. Three countermeasures has been taken and are done as follows:

1.  Burned a new Feedburner feed using the new battle log feed as source ( jonidipp.blogspot.com )

2. Updated the source of the old Feedburner feed ( old log feed ) feeds.feedburner.com/tsr_uniti to (new log feed) feeds.feedburner.com/JoniDippBattleLog

3. Go back to the old feedburner feed and opt for “Delete Feed”

System warning
You are about to permanently delete the feed (old feed ), if you complete this action, your feed and ALL associated statistical history and service benefits will be deleted. You have the option for this feed address to permanently redirect to the currently configured source feed.
4. Ticked the box next to “With permanent redirection” before executing “Delete Feed” button.

The old address / feed is permanently redirected to the new address/feed

Additional information
Please tell the commander not to tinker around with feed settings next time without informing the technician.

All color coded titles are for future references.

End of report

...well I did not know that changing my battle log transmission address could lead to such hassle! I promise I wont do the same mistake again.

jonidipp out.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Clan Log : Apply as an MVP now!

...As of the disbandment, MVP is currently recruiting players who are interested...

Greetings comrades, good news!

This just in! MVP clan page is now successfully available in the main website. They are getting ready for clan wars and currently looking for experienced players to join their cause. If you have at least tier 10 of heavy, medium, light or SPG regardless which nation you already mastered or currently mastering, this is a good opportunity for you! You can start sending your application at the MVP clan page [ HERE ].

As of 16th of May, there are a total of 18 commanders already registered under MVP which mostly are veterans from WOTM community so you can expect awesome all-star appearances. Who knows, maybe you will get the chance fight alongside the enigmatic MrDead or maybe you'll be lucky to train under the legendary tanaka6149 and start punching your enemy tanks like they are made of jelly!* ...seriously.

If you are confused what this follow up article is all about, feel free to track back via this [ LINK ]

jonidipp out.

*cheap propaganda haha

Clan Log : WOTM2 Disbanded


The weather in Malaysia right now is harsh, searing heat during the day and cold rains during the evening and sometimes through the night. Making recon missions and regular battle training nearly impossible for me as it affects my health. *cough cough* * snort* But no matter, i will keep my promise as i wrote in mybattle log previously.

Today i would like to inform you that WOTM2 (World of Tanks Malaysia 2nd Division a sub of WOTM) has been disbanded and will be replaced with MVP (Malaysia – Most Vicious  Player ) after the recent clan ‘hijacking’. Decisions are made after discussing amongst the council members. Although this official announcement sounds nothing more than a ‘replacement’, many of the WOTM community felt sad upon this matter,  especially clan members who joined from the start.   
This are a snippet of the official disband announcement:

Clan WOTM2 bermula 14hb Mei 2013 akan bercuti panjang daripada clan war.
Keputusan ini diambil setelah dilakukan perbincangan sesama pemimpin.
Antara sebab-sebabnya adalah:-
1.Ini adalah kerana terdapat dua tournament yang akan berlansung pada 18hb dan 25hb Mei 2013.

2.     Para pemimpin WOTM2 sejak dari tarikh rampasan kuasa di clan WOTM telah pun berbincang sesama sendiri untuk menukarkan nama clan WOTM2 ke [MVP] Malaysia - Most Vicious Player. Bagaimana pun sistem pertukaran nama clan tidak berfungsi. 

Pembubaran clan akan dilakukan pada hari ini 14hb Mei 2013 dan clan baru akan ditubuhkan dalam masa dua hari lagi.

As of the disbandment, MVP is currently recruiting players who are interested in joining. Clan profile is currently not listed at the main site but will be up in a few days. I will do a follow up coverage so i hope my readers will keep in touch.

jonidipp out.

*sneeze* *cough cough*

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Malaysia Region iCafe Conquest


WarGaming SEA HQ has announced battle invitations for commanders from Malaysia code-named "[MY] iCafe Tournaments". This mission is  broadcasted exclusively for Malaysian tank regiments who wants to test their mettle and metal prowess. According to reports from our intel, "GAX Magazine" is deeply involved in this operation although we only managed to confirm the involvement of a large sum of money to the winning regiment. 

world of tanks tournament
...detailed sketch by our intel

Further intel received yesterday stating that regiments are required to assemble a platoon of 7 and they can only represent 1 contested territory out of known 2. We believe that there are more than 2 contested territory but we did not have enough information on this, if only we had more spies, damn it!

These are the rest of the information our spies managed to gather, use it wisely :

encrypted message.

deciphered message

Apparently our spies lack training, should you have a better espionage armament you can breach them at this location [HERE] and [HERE] at your own risk. We can win this if we work together, share your information with other comrades by replying to this transmission in the comment section.

Jonidipp out.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Attention World

In the future this blog will be fully English but with language support. I will be using this blog as i rant through my daily routine as a tank commander in the battlefield. I too will report in all events of this war. Rest assured that this blog will undergo major overhaul to fit my strategies. I will promise not to go AWOL with this blog like I previously did. This is my justice and for the people who keep coming back even though I am not here.

Jonidipp out.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

WCG announces first four official game titles for WCG2013 Grand Final

Globally Renowned Titles Take Center Stage at Longest Running Gaming Competition

[SEOUL, Korea – May 9, 2013] World Cyber Games Inc. (WCG), organizer of the premier global game competition and festival, today announced the first four official game titles for the WCG 2013 Grand Final, which will take place in Kunshan, China in November. This year`s lineup includes the most popular competitive game available around the world today, CrossFire, FIFA 14, League of Legends and World of Tanks.

CrossFire will be in their second consecutive year as Official Game Title. FIFA 14 has been selected as Official Game Title from 2001, the first year of WCG. League of Legends is coming back as Official Game Title for the WCG 2013 Grand Final after it was selected as Official Game Titles in 2011 and Promotional Game Titles in 2010. World of Tanks has been part of the WCG since 2012 as Promotional Game Title and as Official Game Title for WCG 2013.

`We are excited to announce the first four official game titles. As interest in WCG continues to grow around the world, we have become much more discerning in selecting the official games for the Grand Final,` said Brad Lee, CEO of World Cyber Games, Inc., organizer of WCG. `These first four titles constitute the best and most popular games in a wide variety of genres including  FPS (First-Person Shooters), Sports, MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) and MMO (Mass Multi-play Online) Action. By the end May, fans can look forward to another group of elite titles that will certainly satisfy every type of gamer around the world.`
WCG 2013 Grand Final will be held in Kunshan International Exposition & Convention Center in Kunshan, China from November 28th to December 1st.

Media Contacts:
Hana Lim
hanalim@wcg.com / 82-2-2106-6576


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