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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Temporary Solution For CyberCafePro Port 15346/Sync/Report Error

Hello fellow frustrated users of CyberCafePro.. as we all have been experiencing difficulties of properly maintaining our business with version 6 of this billing software, I have actually found a temporary solution for it.

If your CCP Server is lagging/port error/sync error then take these temporary steps :

1. Find your host file located in your windows folder.

WinXP = C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Etc\hosts

if you cant find the host file, please go to your folder options and UNTICK "hide protected operating system files"

2. After locating the hosts file, right click it, properties, UNTICK read only if it is read only to make sure we can edit it.

- open the host file with notepad and write like this:     sync.oneroof.com     reports.oneroof.com

- after done, save it/overwrite.

3. Please restart your PC and try your CCP Server again.


CCP Server always send packet to oneroof server to synchronize data but sadly they make hardware changes and dont let us users of CCP know any update from them. By setting at host file, whenever CCP Server wants to send packet to oneroof, it will loop local.

I do not know if you will encounter error of online report request but with this done you wont encounter the lag cause of file synchronization.

One more thing i notice is, your client will boot up much faster when theres people want to use.

i hope this helps your business smoothness. sorry for bad english.