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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Enhancing The Shortsighted Realm


Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera semua.
As you noticed, there has been some enhancements or upgrades for this blog environment.
Earlier today, I have started to slowly change the look of my blog. I have been planning to do so for a long time but for some reason i have failed to do so until now. The elements that I have edited was :-

  • blog header
  • blog background color
  • comments system

I have decided to start off TSR's enhancement by editing the header for the blog.

The Shortsighted Realm's new header

The idea to design the header came from a colorful but whirly wallpaper I found at Google images. With some... ...amateur Adobe™ Photoshop® skills I was able to create a simple yet colorful header with a touch of japan thanks to Google translate. lol.


Another enhancement I have done to this blog is changing the background color/image. The previous color was a too white and a bit pale, and it pains my eye whenever I am using the computer under low light environment and I am sure that my blog visitors too are facing the same situation as I am.

So to help overcoming this problem, I am experimenting with dark colored background/images to contra with the bright display then. The images consist of elements from the colorful image used in the header overlapped by a dark layer with erased lines.

the original cut
1st coloring phase

2nd coloring phase
Changing the background image and color are still in experimental phase, so please take note as I will find measures to find the proper designs for the background. I would like to Apologize for any eye discomfort caused by my flaw in web editing.


Next element upgrade is the comment system. I have discarded Blogger's comment system and fully utilize IntenseDebate™'s comment system as the medium for my visitors to leave comments on my posts. I chose IntenseDebate™ because to me leaving comments interactively is much better and it gives my blog a sort of professional look ( *throw up* ).

I can easily reply and use emoticons and click to other bloggers recent posts via CommentLuv plugin and replying comments has been so much fun.

Replying and receiving comments has never been better.


Further update will be conducted and you can expect some changes with these elements in the future =)

  • shoutmix beautification
  • some widget scripts
  • banner exchange
  • blog layout
  • list of pages segregated by genre
  • relabeling posts

I hope that my visitors can give me consistent feedback on how they feel about my blog as it is crucial in delivering the best visual experience when they hang out here at " The Shortsighted Realm" ( chewahh )

Till another version of TSR !
Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera.

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