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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hisap Rokok

All my friends suck koks. Yesterday, my neighbour came to my house to suck koks. He suck it with my room mate. They suck koks outside at the veranda. I dont like to suck koks. Sucking koks is very hazardous but I think I am the one who will suffer the most because all my friends likes to suck koks. Even my friends back in KL loves to suck koks including my brother and father, all kok suckers. 

All of them likes to switch koks with each other, they like to taste all the koks. i dont know what so special about koks until they like suck it all the time. it is depressing sometimes when everybody suck koks around me. the suckers suck the koks with pride, or so i think because they will make confident faces when they slowly suck it in, damn those kok suckers. didnt they know the aftermath of sucking too many koks? they will get many disease, which some can lead to death. 

i feel pity to koks suckers around the world. if you suck kok you are endangering the environment too. Malaysians, especially after done sucking kok, will throw whats left of the koks that they suck anywhere they want. this is not a good kok sucking practise! you should always clean up after each kok session. do not litter! and that is the other reason why i hate kok suckers, they contribute in making Malaysia a dirty country. i did not say that all suckers is like this but most of them are. 

And sometimes, them kok suckers like to blow what they suck at other people's face which is very rude. if you are enjoying sucking your kok there is no need to blow at other people. Not everybody are kok suckers like you and do not get angry if one day you will get spanked for carelessly blowing koks at somebody else's face. Yes there is no law on where to properly blow after sucking koks but as a human being, we should respect other people's feelings. furthurmore if you are a Muslim, sucking koks is Haram. 

So to all koks suckers out there, be carefull when you suck your koks because one day it will suck the hell out of you. haha.


merahitujambu said...

sy benci penghisap rokok..tpi itu yang sy dapa..bagaimana??=/

Mohd Shukri Fadzillah said...

hmm... anda dapat org penhisap rokok? cakap kat dia, org yang menghidu asap rokok lebih berat kesan buruknya empat kali ganda.


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