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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lirik@TSR : Sleeq - Almost, But

1st verse
I was shy to make my move
That's why I cried when you left my world
My life was full of loneliness
Unless I see u walking home
That's when I started writing letters after letters after letters
It seems my papers running out faster

Pre chorus
Gotta be gotta be my everything
You've got what I want
Gotta be gotta be my everything
You've got what I need
Gotta be gotta be my everything
Tell me what can I do
When I'm really really crazy over you

I've never cried like this
The words I wrote for you
I noticed you from far
But all you see is like I don't give a damn
Boxes piling up
Are you going of
Im telling you its too tough
When I feel I almost had you but

2nd verse
Once upon a time, there was a boy and a girl
This is so typical, they were so typical
For example boy loves girl, but girl doesn't know that boy loves her coz,
The boy is shy, the boy is why
The girl still stands strong livin' her life
They were very good friends having very good chances
The man in boy, pretends that he had no love for the girl anyway
He keeps to himself in the place that he stays umm,
He writes letters, one after another, and other, ways he possibly could saying that
Gotta be, gotta be my everythin

That pressure was so big that he grew many pimples right?
And sings to a song that he likes and it goes like this

[chorus] bridge
I know shes moving on
From me shes gotta hear this song
I know that she'll be ok
And I know that ill be loving her so
Shes my soul
My everything in life I could have
I just cant let her go

3rd verse
It was another Monday, and the boy was working at MacDonald's
Saving up money to buy a present,
A present that was meant for the girl, it was her birthday the next day, Wurr?
He memorized his final script and wrote the last letter,
Hoping that it was abit better, than the one before,
That's what it's for, he's ready to make the first move, ready to score but,
Suddenly, in front of him, ordering fries and a cheeseburger was none other than the one he wanted,
The girl with another guy, she smiled, he winked, they both said, 'hi!'He was dumfounded, jaws dropped to the floor, closed it
And ran straight out the door,
And back to his crib where he cried and cried,
Cried and cried, and cried and cried

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