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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Altitude Ditunda

hi all i just wanna make a quickie post cuz recently i dont have much time on my hand since... u know... so yesterday evening around 4pm when i was driving to find a shop that has a photocopier i received a call from a nuffnang representative, it didnt feel awkward since i am going to the premier so i though she was just confirming my attendance and what not but instead she tol me tha the premier has been postponed to today [Wednesday 19th Oct], i was going to ask the reason of the premier being postponed but i was driving and i dont want to get distracted so i end the call as any normal phone conversation would.

was really hoping to attend it but now im having second guess, i am exhausted with the frequent move to new house, it so tiresome since only me and mum that are busy punggah barang haha kan ayat english aku dah terabo hahaha! and dad's lan ci attitude is getting worse the more he losses his teeth and hair. i wonder how lan ci he will be when he looses the will to walk. *pissed off*

i think i lost a few kilos picking up and transferring loads from the old house to the new one with the help of my trusty Myvi 1.0, thanks dude, i dont know what will i do without you. even though i dont show my care about your facial well-being but you still work as you should, unlike some non-machine i knew. oh what am i saying? my words are all gibberish and close to nonsense, am i having a delusion because of too tired? mom was moving all the loads for 17 days, alone, with a trolley borrowed from a neighbour to carry things to our new house and where are all the knights in shining armor? they dont give a damn about moving, all they care is 'just as long i have a place to save my own ass ill be fine, screw everybody else, family? ada ke?......" with a capital B, i'd say, Bullshit ! make that all bold and caps, yeah that would look much better, BULLSHIT! heh.

afterwards, i will continue my quest to be a 1-man-mule plus my mom to carry all the 'Majesty's Golden Dung' to transport it to the 'Promised Land'. which to them is just too damn far away. FUCK! ahh too hungry, adios.

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