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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

[How To]:[Youth Ad To Blog] PART TWO

  1. Log in to your Blog account.
  2. go to Layout>Page Elements
  3. Add a Gadget [look around, hehe, open your eyes =P]
  4. a popup will appear, choose HTML/JavaScript gadget [the + button]
  5. another popup will appear, it is the  Configure HTML/JavaScript
  6. think of a title if u want. in the content box, fill in this code.


  • replace at the 'your_youthsays_link' with your own link. where to get? REFER PART ONE.
  • replace at the 'your_image_source' with your own link. Photobucket maybe...
  • im not sure with the ' alt = nike ' code though.. haha >.< 
  • adjust width and height according to your pleasure.
     7.  SAVE.
     9.  preview your post. like it? save it. post it.


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