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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

[How To]:[Youth Ad To Blog] PART ONE

A blog friend muse asked me how to add Youth Club Ad in the blog so, here goes ^_^ :

1. go to YouthSays and log in. see picture.

2. upon successful login, you will be taken to your profile page, see picture.

3. Find 'Advertising' tab on the top area of the page, see picture.

4. Then, choose a link. for this tutorial lets just use the [NIKE Cup], click 'Details'. see picture.

5. After loading, you will see something like this. see pic.

6. Scroll down vigorously and near the end you will see something like this. click promote.see pic.

7. A 'popup' will appear.its optional.write something good ^_^.see pic.

8. Fill in your own advertising link* details below. see pic and under pic.

  • for first time 'Promoters' the box will be empty and  you will be asked to fill/make your own link
  • just follow the simple instructions on screen ^_^ im sure you will do fine.
  • after getting your link, write it down or keep somewhere safe.

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