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im coming back...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

hmm.... eh? macam kenal?..

yaaa im back!
nak tulis dalam english la plak.


while i was busy waiting for my energy bar to fill up in one of zynga flash games i decided to check out what my friends been posting up the never-ending wall of updates, and while i was scrolling, i noticed something, something familiar.

it was a picture of a woman, and i was like " Eh, macam kenal..." and after reading her name i was convinced its Miss Yati! haha what a surprise. shes been asking us to add her up in fb but it never quite stick to my mind.

and so i decided to add her up.. surprisingly after about 3 mins she accepted. "Hey that's quick" i thought. and so as usual to all the people i added, i explored her profile, links, pictures.. anything clickable. lol. sounds like a stalker? nah.. im just curious.. =D

1 thing caught my eye, " hey she got a blog~". clicked the link. red everything [lied]. and stumble upon her pictures at the beach [which obviously was there, haha]. some of the pictures were taken from a very nice angle, it was creative. and then it struck me. "buat kalender macam best je" and then i did and here it is.

P/S: havent ask for her permission though. hope she dont mind.

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Anonymous said...

Tq2 4 editing my pic ek..


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