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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Five Nights At Freddy's | FEAR LURKING IN THE DARK - Night 4 survived

As the written title! Come watch RaedwulfGamer beat night 4 in this crazy bat shit scary horror game!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

6 Are Wanted To Complete The Circle!


The brawling pit needs 6 more herd of sacrificial lambs to start the summoning of The Great Beast! The 'Council' demands citizens to send more 'volunteers' or no gold will be distributed to the villages. The submission must be done before the 25th alignment of the 5th moon. If this announcement is ignored, a dreadful curse will befall upon those non-believers. They will be plagued with resentfulness, goody-bag-less frustration and premium famine.Do not be afraid! Submit to the brawling pit and the promise of golds
will be yours!

Hark the words of the Mighty Liquid Snake!

Attention Malaysian Tankers!!

iCafe Tournament Pandan Indah, Kuala Lumpur this Saturday (25th May 2013) have only 6 team slots left! Register your teams quick now or you can also register as solo. You have to pm me with such details:

Single Player Registration


Team Registration
Team Name:
Leader Nickname:

Please refer this link for more info [ LINK ]

Liquid Snake.

Roll your wheel barrows now!

jonidipp out.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tank News : SEA Is Under APAC! I Repeat! SEA Is Under APAC!


I would like to inform you that the World of Tanks™ South East Asia (SEA) will no longer exist for its presence will be known as World of Tanks™ Asia Pasific (APAC) in the future starting 1st of June 2013, which is a year after WoT SEA was officially launched. In the early stage the game was previously brought in to Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Singapore was chosen as the hub connecting these countries. I still remembered when SEA server got a sudden boost of player logging in, it lagged everybody out. 

The forum was flooded with complaints by the newbies as well as cheers and supports from considerate players from around the region. Thanks to the dedication by Wargaming, the incident were taken care off pretty swiftly, and afterwards we were blasting each other again.

Closed beta players received a KV 220-T during open beta as a present. It is basically a premium tank consist of a KV-1 turret with a KV-3 hull and was a tough bastard for a tier 5 and was much liked by owners, minus its gun accuracy and speed of course. 

KV 220 Rendering. Click here for more info for this tank 

Today, WoT SEA has managed to expand its reach to include Australia, New Zealand, and recently Taiwan and Japan. Wargaming is also planning to penetrate into Hong Kong and Indonesian market to further reinforce its position in the region.The objective of this transition is to provide localized region support as well as better gaming experience. 

Original text can be found here : [ LINK ]

Personally as I think that this announcement proves that Wargaming is serious in providing  better services for its supported game series in this region and not just making SEA just another proxy. I have played many online games and not many are willing to even listen to the player's rants and ravings. I wish all the best for Wargaming in the future and will continue to show my support as a player and a fan. 

jonidipp out.